About us

The interactive exhibition and experiments of the
Jerzy Stelmach Eureka Foundation

Eureka foundation takes care of the interactive exhibition of science and technology experiments as well as two out of ten the most beautiful physics experiments in Szczecin, Poland. Szczecin is in the North-West part of Poland, at the border with Germany only 150 km away from its capital, Berlin. We also offer some mobile exhibitions in the places we are invited in after previous arrangements.

Our exhibition "Eureka" is placed at Ściegiennego 42 street (at the corner of Bohaterów Warszawy street near to “Netto” market) and has about 50 interactive experiments such as: water Pythagorean theorem, the ball in the stream of the air, acoustic phone, the bending of light in glass and many others. This exhibition also has a unique part devoted to nuclear power generation called "Atomic Eureka" which contains among others the model of atomic nucleus (the so-called Stelmach's rings), interactive model of uranium centrifuge as well as the model of the radioactive decay process. Here you can also organize interactive birthday party with the guided tour throughout the exhibition.

One out of "10 most beautiful experiments in physics" is placed in the garden of the hostel "CUMA" at Monte Cassino 19A street and this is the Young experiment which tells us how the sound waves interfere constructively and destructively. Another one is situated at the tower of Szczecin Cathedral at św. Jakuba Apostoła 1 street and this is the Foucault pendulum - a prove for the fact that the Earth is rotating.

The Foundation organizes the numerous activities, happenings, and lectures to a diverse type of audience having explored the professional team of scientists related to it who specializes in many fields of science and especially in particle physics, nuclear power generation, astrophysics and cosmology, Earth sciences, medicine, genetics and many others. It has its own YouTube channel with more than 100 films played by experts and scientists popularizing advanced science.

Current information about our exhibitions and activities can be found

Tickets: normal - 20 PLN; reduced - 15 PLN; group ticket - 15 PLN (guardians free)
Birthday party: 300 PLN (15 children, extra child - 20 PLN) - 1.5 hrs duration; extension to 2 hrs costs 100 PLN extra.

Contact: mobile +48 795 111 084; email: info@fundacja-eureka.edu.pl