Eureka Foundation

We invite you to visit naszej our exhibition "Eureka"!

"Eureka" (ul. Ściegiennego 42, corner Bohaterów Warszawy near the "Netto" store) has a collection of approximately 50 interactive exhibits for conducting experiments in science and technology on your own, such as: a ball in an air stream, an acoustic telephone, the bending of a light ray in glass , van der Graaff generator, bicycle wheels and gyroscopes, plasma ball, color mixing, a bicycle that converts muscle energy into electricity and many other attractions primarily for children and teenagers, but also for their parents. Fun guaranteed!

We invite groups and individuals to sign up for visiting the exhibition "Eureka". Groups of at least 10 people. Upon agreement, our animators can also conduct thematic workshops, e.g. on gases or energy sources, at the request of visitors. Individual visits are possible during "Family Science Saturdays" or with registered groups. Contact: tel. kom. 795 111 084; email:

We also invite you to interactive birthday parties, during which the animator shows and encourages participants to experiment with our experiences on their own.

Welcome to the session IV of the SPiN-aj project „Physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology - how could life on the other planets look like?". ZOOM: registration for main lecture (English), and for auxiliary lecture, and debates (Polish). You Tube broadcast - no registration is necessary

Project of the "Science and Society” (Stowarzyszenie Społeczeństwo i Nauka - SPiN). Project is financed by the program "Social Responsibility of Science" of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science (SONP/SN/490992/2020)


Wednesday 16 February 2022, 17.00-18.30 (CET)

Main lecture (English):

"Is Anybody Out There? The Search for Alien Civilizations."

prof. Paul C.W. Davies

(Arizona State University, USA)

14.02 (Monday), 11.00-11.15 (CET) YT information on the contest for the best drawing entitled „How do you imagine aliens and cosmic animals?”

17.02 (Thursday), 12.00-13.00 (CET) Auxiliary lecture 1: "How do the laws of physics determine shape of life on the Earth and in the Universe?" ( prof. M.P. Dąbrowski)

17.02 (Thursday), 17.00-18.00 (CET) Debate 1: "Does biological diversity on the Earth exhaust all the possibilities of life?" (prof. D. Wysocki, prof. A. Balcerzak, prof. M.P. Dąbrowski)

18.02 (Friday), 11.00-12.00 (CET) Debate 2: "What is the chance of discovering life in the Universe?" (prof. A. Balcerzak, prof. M.P. Dąbrowski, amateur astronomers from PTMA Szczecin)

19.02 (Saturday), 12.00-13.00 (CET) – Polish Science Day - Final debate: "What would be the implications of extra-terrestrial intelligent life discovery for psychology, philosophy, and theology?" (rev. prof. Z. Kroplewski, prof. M. Witek, prof. M.P. Dąbrowski)

19.02 (Saturday), 13.00-13.15 (CET) –Announcing the results of the contest for the best drawing entitled „How do you imagine aliens and cosmic animals?”