"Jerzy Stelmach Eureka Foundation ”was established by a notarial deed on October 29, 2012 and registered in the court on January 7, 2013. Its patron is prof. Jerzy Stelmach - a Szczecin scholar, who in the years 2000-2011, first in Szczecin and then throughout Poland, promoted interactive teaching methods consisting in the presentation of scientific truths often commonly considered difficult to understand. The Foundation was established by a group of the professor's friends in recognition of his contribution to the popularization and development of science, with a view to further continuing and developing on many different levels the work of supporting science and education through a non-profit public benefit institution.

The purpose of the foundation is to conduct socially useful activities and to support socially useful activities of non-governmental organizations and other entities, in particular through:

1.supporting science, education, and upbringing,

2.supporting interdisciplinary research projects in the field of natural and technical sciences, social and humanities,

3.promotion of science, in particular natural and technical sciences, also through interactive education,

4.supporting the teaching of natural and technical sciences,

5.supporting talented youth,

6.developing contacts and cooperation between universities and organizations, in particular those conducting interactive education,

7.supporting scientific development,

8. charity work,

9. conducting and supporting activities in the field of culture, art, protection of cultural goods and traditions.

Currently, the Foundation takes care of the exhibition "Eureka" created by its patron in 2002 and its subsidiaries "Eureka Ruchu" and "Astronomical Eureka". The Foundation will continue our Patron's program consisting in the construction of the 10 most beautiful experiments in physics in Szczecin (currently there are three of them: the Cavendish experiment, the Foucault pendulum and the Young's experiment) and other interactive exhibits.